How does Popilush Shapewear find the balance between fashion and functionality?

For a long time, women had to deal with pieces that followed fashion trends, but did not deliver functionality. Like modern life and the importance of developing body positivity.

Popilush arrives to break standards and deliver comfort, beauty, and strength to the feminine essence. With this, you can achieve a beautiful and functional look with a shaper dress.

Popilush Shapewear

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Is functional shapewear comfortable?

Yes, this is an important ally so that you can carry out your daily activities in a less stressful way. A shaper dress made with modal fiber is comfortable, gives you ideal flexibility so you can move well, saving you the need to deal with uncomfortable clothes.

The hidden zipper in the back region is strategically made with ease of use in mind. The belly gains perfect control through the control faja. Furthermore, it is a seamless feature which does not mark or bother you when you wear it.

Popilush Shapewear

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Can I use the shapewear for more than one activity?

Popilush gives you infinite possibilities in terms of fashion and functionality. Therefore, with a body shaping jumpsuit it is possible to practice physical exercises, create a slightly more formal look for work using a tailored blazer or even go on an informal trip to visit an art exhibition and feel comfortable in your own body during the entire route.

The dividing line of a jumpsuit changes your body shape, so you can look taller and thinner quickly. Furthermore, the highly elastic fabric is a partner that aligns your curves so you feel safe and prepared for daily challenges. This way, you can get a well-shaped belly, butt, thighs and hips with a single piece.

A model with adjustable straps gives you the freedom to shape the piece according to your body type. Furthermore, a model with wide pants is elegant and modern, as it gives you one of the main trends in women's fashion at the moment.

Popilush Shapewear

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Can the color of shapewear influence its functionality?

Generally speaking, no. There are so many colors and models that the difficulty here will be for you to settle for choosing just one. But thinking strategically, you can initially invest in pieces with a neutral base. This is because a black dress, or a brown or skin tone bodysuit are much easier to combine with other pieces in your closet. But colors must appear to deliver energy for your day, so thinking in terms of versatility, try to balance the color of your shapewear with the palette chosen to build your look.

You can't miss a bodysuit shapewear in your personal collection. It matches different types of pants, skirts and shorts. In addition, it can be used as a main garment or to style underneath an item you already have. An invisible bodysuit delivers shape beneath unmarked clothing. Provides optimal support through deep-plunge cups and backless bra. Therefore, this type of shapewear is also perfect for wearing under party dresses such as weddings, graduations or gala events.

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